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SONarchitect database has more than 300 generic constructive solutions, 900 commercial materials, and continues to expand.

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Generate a PDF report easily, including all the acoustic insulation values you may need from the results.

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SONarchitect Drawing


Import a DXF as a template and draw to create an acoustic model of the building. No geometric restrictions and different CAD drawing aid tools.
BIM models import will be available soon.
SONarchitect Calculation

ISO 12354:2017

Compute all the sound insulation values according to ISO 12354:2017 in the entire building. 
Every couple of enclosures will be calculated following your requirements definition.
SONarchitect Materials


Apply the sound insulation solutions from our catalog, from several manufacturers or data providers catalogs. You can also create your own solutions or import those previously calculated in Insul.
SONarchitect 3D Model

3D model

Once you have drawn the building, you can edit the 3D model for creating elevator shafts, interior patios, double height rooms, etc.
Check that the acoustic model of the building matches your design.
SONarchitect Emission

Noise emission

Calculate indoor to outdoor sound emission just defining an interior noise pressure level.
Applying ISO 12354-4, SONarchitect will show the sound outdoor sound emission of your building.


Select amongst all the parameters in ISO 12354 and define as many requirements as you wish.
Create room types and apply those definitions to every room.


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